Hello my sparkly friend!  This section is dedicated to helping you work your light, make your soul shine which will make the world a better place!

When I closed my beloved Makeup Shop back in 2008, I got very depressed and just sort of disappeared from the makeup scene.  I felt lost and alone without my shop- I hadn’t realized that pretty much every molecule of my ego being lol- had been attached to that shop!  The shop was me and I was the shop, and when I closed it’s doors I unknowingly turned off the lights in my soul.  I didn’t know what I was anymore without it.  It took me a good 7 years and a lot of soul work and soul searching, to finally crawl out into the light that was always there- but i was too wrapped up in ego to see it.

This section is a resource section for you to learn how to find your light too.

I share all the ways, courses, books, online classes etc that I took and that helped me heal my heart!!  This section will always have something new that I have found, as I am always working on growing my soul and sparkle.

In Light and Love with Sparkly hugs,